Tips for Hot Snapchat Stories

Hot Snapchat has become one of the most well-known apps and social media platforms around. With the snap of a camera, users are able to flirt with potential hookups. Snapchat has made texting seem obsolete. Seriously, why would anyone text in this day and age when there are platforms like Snapchat around? So many people are now using app features in every aspect of their lives, so it makes sense to also use them to get laid. Snapchat sex is one of the hottest ways to communicate your desires, and it can even help you meet sexy singles just like yourself.

Pretty much everyone has heard of Snapchat. But for those who don’t know what it is, it’s an app that allows you take sexy snapchats of yourself. These pics can only be seen for a certain amount of time, like 10 seconds. Since the pics have an expiration date on them, you can be extra daring.

With Snapchat, you don’t have to hide or be shy about what you really want. If you want to meet someone and get laid right away, the app encourages it. The ability to use masks like a dog filter enables you to remain ambiguous while expressing your desire to have Snapchat sex. Photo messaging makes it easy to be send hot Snapchat photos and demure at the same time. So, you are able to tease as much as you want, and please them in person if you care to meet.

Do you want to engage in hot, sexy Snapchat that may lead to real sex? If so, this article is perfect for you. When sexting on Snapchat is done the right way, it can build sexual tension and really turn your crush on. However, when it’s done completely wrong, Snapchat can seem somewhat gross. We’ve got a helpful guide to Snapchat sexting to ensure you have the best sex on Snapchat. Check it out below to become a champion sexter!


Start off testing the waters

The first thing to remember when Snapchatting is to build it up a bit. If you don’t know your crush very well, you don’t want to seem too forthcoming with a sexual proposition. Test the waters first so that you won’t scare them or turn them off. Sending a Snapchat with “Do you want to know what I’m wearing?” in the middle of the day can really peak someone’s attention. If they act weird about your insinuation, that’s your sign that you shouldn’t snap them anymore. If they are intrigued, take the time to tease them even further for as long you wish.

Another thing to remember is to never, ever take a screenshot of the other person’s snap. It may sound like a great way to get around the 10-second expiration, right? After all, the other person won’t know, right? Wrong! They get a notification right away that you took a screenshot of their pic. There is no getting around this one. So, don’t be that person that basically violates the rules of Snapchat.

Bailey Bae Snapchat


Tips for hot Snapchat sex

This next piece of advice is debatable. It’s recommended that you don’t open a snap the minute you receive it. The reason? Well, you might seem kind of desperate, like you’re just sitting there waiting for the snap. Even if you really are sitting there refreshing every few seconds, don’t let them get any indication of that. Just chill out and wait a few minutes before you respond.

On complete opposite of the spectrum, you shouldn’t wait too long to open a snap. If you really want to get laid, you need to show some interest. This means you shouldn’t forget about it for days and then open it. When you’re posting to your Snapchat before opening theirs, it shows that you aren’t that interested – which is fine that if you aren’t, because you won’t get any more pics this way!

Try to leave something to the imagination. Yes, this sounds old-fashioned. But there are some advantages to this suggestion. You don’t want to give away all the goods at once. Start slowly with your snaps and really put some effort into making things sexy. If you don’t they’ll get pretty tired of boring dick pics really quickly. But don’t take too much time! It’s up to you to find the right place.


Exhibit A: Leave something for the imagination

Sure, you want to show your crush that you are hot and ready for Snapchat sex. But part of the fun is the teasing and drawing out the sexual tension. There are many sexy ways to make a nude or semi-nude photo demure (besides adding dog ears!). Strategically-placed hands, sheets, and other objects can cover up some of your goods while still showing off your body. If you’re planning on banging this person, you might want to wait until you’re both in the flesh before sending a full-body nude pic.


More hot Snapchat tips

We can’t emphasize this next tip enough. Be sure to look at your surrounding before you take your snap! We have seen so many people take sexy pics in the middle of a messy, filthy room. Make sure your underwear isn’t strewn about all over the floor. Is your sink clean enough to put your bare ass on it for a pic? Does your mirror have toothpaste splashes on it? No matter how sexy you are, no one likes a slob. Well, maybe some people don’t care. But trust us, it just looks really, really bad.

Finally, understand and remember that Snapchats are not guaranteed to totally disappear after they are opened. While Snapchat says that all photos sent through the app are deleted after they are opened, the reality is that they are actually buried deep in the phone. And again, even though screenshots are prohibited, it doesn’t stop someone from taking one and keeping it. Every snap during Snapchat sex is susceptible to being screenshot and shared with the world. The same goes for video content. Just keep this mind before you bare it all to the wrong person!

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