5 Things Women Want from You When Snapchat Sexting

Snapchat sexting, while fun, is always tricky. You – as the man in this situation – have to toe the line between sexy and outright creepy. When it comes to us women, we’re much more concerned with finding the good light than the content of our Snaps.

When we’re sexting, we don’t have to worry about showing guys something they don’t want to see, because let’s be honest: a girl could send you a picture of half her areola and you’d be perfectly happy. But when it comes to what women want to see, we’re a much pickier breed.

I, being a lady myself, just so happen to be an expert on the subject of what women want. So, here’s a crash course in what women actually want from you during your steamy Snapchat sessions.

Finding the right sexting website for you.

Sexting can be a great outlet and a perfect way to help you relax after a long day at work. Whether you are a new sexter or you have been sexting others for years when it comes to sexting websites the options can get overwhelming. Certainly, finding the best sexting websites is no easy task, but there is definitely a site that will fit your criteria. Sexting is a skill that takes time and effort to master, especially when it comes to sexting a stranger. In many cases, sexting can lead to a local hookup or  log-term sexual partner.

1. Don’t strictly send dick

Regardless of how magnificent you think your dick is, it’s improbable that a woman wants to stare at your fully erect penis for any more than 1 second – let alone 10.

While a close up of boobs, ass, or vag is something that might get you going, don’t think that your dick is anywhere near the male equivalent. I’m going to be honest with you… dicks aren’t cute. Nothing about looking at your dick is going to get a girl all hot and bothered.

Why? Because women like a good tease. And nothing about sending a full-on dick pic is leaving anything to the female imagination.

Though I will admit, sending dick pics can be okay in certain situations. If your girl has already expressed that she’s some kind of unicorn that thinks dicks are alethically pleasing… send as many dick pics as you’d like.

If you’ve been dating for a while, then it’s probably okay. However, if you’ve never even actually banged this girl, spare her eyes and don’t snap her your junk.

2. Use your words

Have you ever walked down the romance novel isle of a bookstore? Well, if you have you’d get a pretty good idea of how many cheesy romance novels – complete with long-haired, shirtless men on horses on the cover – there actually are in this world.

Do you know why women read those trash novels? Do you know why women lose their fucking minds over Fifty Shades of Grey? Do you know why? Because words turn women on.

Unlike men, women aren’t visual creatures. No, we won’t turn our nose up at some chiseled Adonis-looking douchebag. But if he opens his mouth and garbage comes tumbling out, it usually ruins the fantasy for us. Above all else, women want a smooth talker.

Women want a guy who can turn her on without taking a piece of his clothing off.

So, when you’re Snapchat sexting you better be adding filthy messages to your pictures, or you’re seriously fucking up. You could literally send her a blank black image with a nasty message, and it would be entirely sufficient.

Tell her what you want to do to her. Tell her what her nudes are doing to you. Tell her how badly you want to get her in bed. If you’re feeling so bold, take a Snapchat video and say all of these things out loud in your best husky, bedroom voice.

If you need some inspiration, head over to Wattpad and look through the erotica and fanfiction. This will give you an idea of the kind of verbiage you need to use to turn her on with just your words.

3. Abs, Arms, and Outlines…

So, you want to send some pictures in return. I mean it’s only fair if she’s been so generous with her body, right? Well, as I said before, don’t go thinking that your dick is the male equivalent of a tit pic.

Believe me; women are much more attracted to the other parts of your body than your dick.

When you’re sending sexy pics or snap videos, make sure that you include shots of your entire body – especially the parts of you that you focus on the most in the gym. Now, I’m not saying that you should be sending pics of your perfectly sculpted quads, but you should be showing off your stomach, arms, and back.

When it comes to your dick, outlines are usually entirely enough. Women want to know what their nudes are doing to you. While they’re more concerned with what you’re thinking about when you see them naked, they wouldn’t object to seeing a good ol’ gray sweatpant outline. We want to see what we have to work with, just not necessarily in the flesh.

Trust me; I’m an expert.

4. Use filters

Snapchat sexting is supposed to be wildly flirty. That means that you don’t have to be serious when you’re trying to be sensual.

Women like a guy who can make her laugh, so put the Snapchat filters to good use when you’re sexting!

When she sends you a snap that’s irresistibly hot, use the big-mouthed filter to show how far she mad your jaw drop. If you’re feeling cute and flirty, use the dog filter. And if you’re feelin’ a little weird, use the strangest filter Snapchat has to offer on that day.

5. Censor yourself… please, we’re begging you

As I said, Snapchat sexting is supposed to be fun and flirty. Snapchat in itself is a cheeky app, so you’d be doing yourself a favor if you took advantage of all the ways you can make her laugh while sexting.

One flirty thing you can do with the emoji stickers is sensor yourself. A lot of women use it to sensor our their nipples, so why not put that to use on your own pics?

Instead of sending a dick pick, cover your junk with the eggplant emoji. If she sensors her nips, you should do the same with a more ridiculous emoji. Let your imagination run wild. I promise, she’ll be more willing to undress with you in RL if you charm her on Snap.

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