Top Hookup Sites for Singles 2019

Being single can be both a blessing and a curse. The single life rewards you with complete independence in how you chose to live. You can make decisions completely on your own, you aren’t accountable to anyone and you tend to save money. However, one of the biggest downfalls to being a lone wolf is figuring out how to satisfy your sexual needs. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a local fuck buddy at your beck and call, things may get difficult. Dry spells are common, and your right hand can’t exactly pick up all of the slack. Fear not, because lucky for you, it’s 2019. There are a million and one different online sites and services for you to choose from, making it easier than ever to arrange a hookup for the night. If you’re just entering the world of online hook ups, or you’re a veteran looking for some new recommendations, you’re in the right place.

Adult Friend Finder

Contrary to its name, this isn’t a site for people looking for a new bar buddy. It’s a service that connects you with a friend with benefits, and all of the erotic perks that come with it. You’re given an enormous audience to choose from, with over 25 million monthly users. The users on this site are all looking for sex. Long term sex, one-night stands and everything in between. One of the only grievances to be noted is its lack of an intelligent matching system. Most services can get a feel of your preferences over time and will suggest users it thinks will be compatible to you. Unfortunately, AFF has no such feature, so you may have to sift through some undesirables before discovering your woman for the night.


Think of Snapsext as being Snapchats raunchy older cousin. It’s for people who love to sext. You are presented with a selection of users in your area who are more than ready to talk dirty. Most people here already extremely horny, so arranging an in-person meetup takes little to no effort at all. Unfortunately, the costs to use this service may question its validity. At a whopping $40 per month to access all of the sites features, it’s hard to recommend this over the other options on this list which are much more economical. However, if you have spare cash to blow, by all means give it a try.


Another great option for a last-minute hook up attempt, Passion offers a large userbase of potential horny matches. Passion offers a few extra features to narrow and refine your search. You can look for users who are willing to engage in a three way, have certain sexual kinks you’d like to explore, or have the same tastes in music. Another benefit to Passion is that they do offer a free option, which still gives you a good deal of usability on the site. One downside here is they seem to be lacking in terms of monitoring the site, as there have been numerous reports of bots and scams, so be on the lookout.


Fuckbook is the NSFW version of Facebook. It’s very in your face with its sexually enticing visuals, so make sure you’re in an appropriate setting far away from your boss before you visit. If feels very much like a standard social media site, with chat options and user suggestions. It isn’t free, however there is a free trial period offered. If you aren’t the best-looking person out there, you’ll probably find better luck here than on services such as Tinder, which cater more toward the Barbie and Ken doll types.


This service is pretty similar to what Tinder offers. You create a minimalistic profile consisting of a profile photo and some basic info about yourself. This service is based more around messaging, but it’s a pretty active community. Within minutes of finalizing your account your typically greeted with one or two horny users. Things can be pretty blunt, so if you’re not one for small talk, this may be a fun site for you. One major caveat here is its biases against men. An example being the messaging services are free if you’re a woman, but if you’re a man you’ll need to pay for access. Go figure.


The crème de la crop of the online hookup services. Tinder has become synonymous with convenient, quick hookups. It boasts millions of users and can show you a list of hundreds of potential sex partners in your area. You simply swipe right on users you find attractive and left on those you don’t. While Tinder can be sexually lucrative, it also has its challenges. Given that your profile photo is your primary selling point to attract matches, it definitely helps if you are attractive. If not, you may run into a few dry spells, especially if you are in a competitive area, such as near a college campus or in a major city. If you’re somewhat lacking in the physical features, we definitely recommend taking some time to craft your bio. A few witty jokes and a good sense of humor can be enough to offset a lack of a physically enticing profile photo.

Ashley Maddison

By far the most scandalous service on this list, Ashley Maddison is shrouded in secrecy. It is meant to provide users with an escape from their marriages or relationships, or in other words, it’s meant for those looking to cheat on their significant others. Of course, a service that operates under these guidelines is going to raise some eyebrows, but with that aside, there are a ton of options here. The biggest selling point being it connects you with users who are also in relationships. The theory here is that both parties have everything to lose, so keeping the affair under wraps is to everyone’s best interest. This presents a much safer option than getting involved with your office assistant only to have them catch romantic feelings and show up unannounced at your home to cause chaos.